This week’s whole school attendance is 96.3%. 

Well done to Year 4 who had the best weekly attendance of 98.3%.  They get to look after the attendance teddy after half term.

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  • Wed Apr 23 – Fri Apr 25
    Kingswood Residential Visit
  • Mon Apr 28 – Tue Apr 29
    Leadership Training Out Of County
  • Mon May 5
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  • Mon May 12 – Fri May 16
    SATS week
  • Tue May 20 9:00am – 11:00am
    Whole School Photograph
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I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Scarning Voluntary Controlled Primary School and hope this is the beginning of a rewarding partnership with you and your family.

Aerial View of the School.
Year 1E Mothers Day Collage for St Nicholas' Church Service.
Reception and Year 1 Evacuees at school.
Evacuees at Hardingham train station
Evacuees on the train.
Our special Mid Norfolk Railway train for the Evacuee trip.
Year 2 Knight visit.
Year 1 Reading Workshop.
Duxford Imperial War Museum Trip.
Year 2 World War 2 Evacuee Day.
Year 1 Hansel & Gretel Traditional Tales.
Football on the pitch at Carrow Road.
Reception Class Nativity.
Reception Class Nativity.
Year 1 & 2 Christmas Toyshop production.
Year 1 & 2 Christmas Toyshop production.
Bird watching.
Halloween Twilight Reading Cafe.
Flag making on Pirate Day.
Pirate Day for Years 5 & 6.
Circuit Training.
Year 4 Apple Day.
Year 6 Derbyshire Trip.
Georgia outside one of the writing sheds she has illustrated for us.
The illustrations inside one of the writing sheds.

I believe that the primary years are vitally important for sowing the seeds of curiosity, fostering good working habits and encouraging a love of learning. If this is achieved in a structured, secure environment, children can experience success, confidence and a sense of their own worth.

The staff at Scarning are determined to meet the needs of every child who attends the school. The most recent OFSTED inspection of December 2012 commented  in its report that:

  • Pupils enjoy school and feel happy, safe and well supported.
  • Behaviour is good throughout the school, both in and out of lessons.
  • The head and deputy know what actions need to be taken to help the school improve. Working with the Governors and key stake holders they have developed an action plan to improve teaching across the school so children make consistently good progress, they are also focusing upon strenghtening leadership and management!

This website gives you some information about the school, but cannot replace the value of a visit. You are very welcome to make an appointment to come and see the life of the school, and I look forward to meeting you.

Mr Grahame Chambers